A Story Wars Fanfic is a story that uses SW users as characters.

Classic SW Fanfic Edit

Focused mainly around users active in the chatango, especially Phantim, Intellikat, and Jayde Avalon, the classic Story Wars fanfictions were more often private stories, but some were public, the most notable being Story Warriors Unite by Jayde Avalon.

Modern SW Fanfic Edit

The Story Wars War Edit

The return to SW Fanfic was mainly sparked by The Story Wars War by Edwardo Brown. It is best known for introducing the idea of WarsStory, an organization that is the opposite of Story Wars.

The SW Fanfic Tag Edit

After several more fanfics were created, Golden! created a thread about the fanfics, and started a project to document all of these fanfics and the users in them. Although this idea soon died out, the tag that was part of it, "sw_fanfic" is still used today.